Selecting a location for the installation of a Wall Safe

When you have determined that you want a safe on your residence, you will need to determine where the safe shall be located.  This is one critical factor in determining what type of safe as well as the size and shape you will need to purchase.  Another factor will be the degree of security that you feel you will need.  Wall safes and floor safes are best if you are storing valuables such as precious metals, coins, cash, or other items with easily transferable cash value.  These safes have an extra layer of security in that their presence is hidden from plain site.

Careful consideration must go into determining the location and consultation with a licensed and very reputable contractor is highly recommended.  Often times plumbing lines (Water or Sewage) and electrical lines are present within the walls which will prevent the proper mounting of a Wall Safe.

When determining the installation site, consider the natural paths of foot traffic and the general visibility of the location.  The ideal location for a Wall Safe is within a wall that is not visible to the home at large nor can be spied through a window.  This is why closet and laundry room walls are often selected.  If a closet is selected, avoid those that are well used and especially those that potentially would be accessed by visitors.

Visibility is only one factor.  Plumbing and electrical lines are hidden within the walls and their presence will make a location unusable.  Most walls to general living spaces have electrical lines for the electrical outlets, but these are normally ran within 12” ~ 16” of the floor and are not an issue unless you are installing a very tall safe.  While a closet normally does not have electrical outlets, you need to consider what is on the other side of the wall.

Avoid locations near light switches and low voltage connections such as TV cables, phone lines, or computer connections.  Also walls shared by bath rooms or circuit breaker boxes should be avoided as well.  Remember, keeping the existence of the safe a secret is in of itself a major part of its security.

Bottom line – consider the location of the safe’s final installation site carefully.  Make sure that location supports the life style of your home, and can be kept discrete with little effort.