Just how much security does one get by having a home safe? During a break in, do home owner with a safe really stand a smaller chance of their valuables being stolen? One of your greatest measures of security maybe keeping the knowledge that you own a safe closely safe guarded.

Why do people have a home safe?  In many cases it is for fire protection of important documents.  Other times it is to safe guard valuables that would not be convenient to store in a safety deposit box, such as jewelry.   If your motive is the latter, then you really need to ask yourself, just how safe is having a safe?

Studies have shown that generally speaking, the chances any given home will be the subject of a break in are relatively small.  Most folks in America will never experience a home break in during their life time, however nearly everyone in America will be robbed multiple times.  If these robberies are not from home break-ins, what are they from?  Believe it or not, most of the burglaries American’s will experience during their life time will be from folks who already have access to their home.  This includes robberies from home safes.  The fact is that most safes that are robbed are never broken into.

If that was not enough to give you pause, consider that majority of the actual home break-ins will not be random.  Place yourself into the shoes of a professional criminal for a moment.  Now you are planning your next “job”.  Obviously you need to put a little time into selecting your target.  You cannot just hit any house at random because with every break in comes a degree of risk that is only worth taking because of the potential payoff.  As you would imagine, at least two concerns will be on your mind.  The first being what risks are involved in hitting a particular house, such as do they have an alarm system? Will someone come home?  etc…  The other concern will be if it is even worth the effort.   Does that home contain valuables worth taking the risk for?  So in comes the discussion of the safe.  As a professional criminal if you had a way of predicting which homes contained the greatest monetary value of high value items, this would make your selection of targets relatively easy, correct?  Of course, then you need only “hit” those homes that would provide the best potential payoff.   Like it or not, the best target homes would be those that they knew contained a safe.

When considering a home safe that will be used for the protection of items holding monetary value, understanding the type of safe and the planned location is just as critical as the type of safe and security rating it carries.  If you would like more information on how you can protect your safe and your valuables that it contains, I invite you to visit us at http://installingafloorsafe.info.   Additionally the site contains information on how to install a floor safe as well details of the safe rating systems.