Use the $100.00 bills to light the fire – save the newspaper for something to read!

I want to ask you two important questions.  Do you own a home safe filled with cash, silver & gold?  If not, what are you waiting for?  As an American, most of us cannot really imagine making the same statement as the title, however if the warnings of many experts comes to pass, this statement may become an everyday reality.  Every day we see more and more examples of economic distress both on a national and global scale.  While to most of us, these events seem to be very distant and have nothing to do with us personally; unfortunately this cannot be further from the truth.

We live in a global economy, and what happens to one country affect us all.  All you need to do is watch the news and you can see for yourself that both the United States and World Governments are in serious financial trouble.  The latest the news is reporting that the European Union is looking to bail out the small country of Cyprus, using funding obtained by “Taxing” the savings accounts of individuals.  Another story as of 31 March 2013, any account in an Australian bank that has not had owner activity in three years can now be legally confiscated by the Australian government.

Closer to home, the US government has been “Examining” the way Americans are using the $19.4 Trillion they hold in retirement savings.  Under the guise of protecting the elderly from scams, the US government is considering ways they can “manage” these assets.  Note: The national Debt is over 14 Trillion.  Imagine if you would how neatly it would work out for the United States Government if they could “Borrow” that 14 Trillion from a US Government Managed fund, and then be in debt to a US Agency instead of foreign powers.  Since this US Agency would be funded by managing retirement accounts, funds can be paid out over time at a controlled rate, and controlled interest rate.  Let us not even consider what would happen to funds of folks who passed away before all of their “entitlements” are paid out.  Just food for thought.

As scary as this sounds, this actually NOT the worst thing that can happen.

Since 1944 the United States has held the most favored world economic position of having the United States dollar being the World Reserve Currency.  This placed the United States as a nation and American Business at a strategic economic advantage.  An advantage that our government has failed to leverage in an advantageous manner for the United States and in fact has placed the economy of the entire globe in jeopardy.  History has shown that in time of crisis, everyone starts to look out for themselves, this certainly includes foreign governments.  Indications make it clear that the world governments consider one of the most advantageous actions they can do to protect themselves economically is to drop the US Dollar as the World Reserve Currency. The process has already started and this event seems enviable.  But what does that mean should it come to pass for American Citizens?

Part II

Thank you for stopping by.  So I left off with the question what it would mean for Americans when the US Dollar loses its place as the World Reserve Currency.  Well, I can tell you it will not be pretty.  The best historical context I can give is how near the end of the Civil War it was said that it took a wheel barrel of money to buy a loaf of bread.   In a word, the US Dollar may become so devalued that a newspaper story would be of more value than a $100.00 bill.

But if you are like most Americans, you don’t have $100.00 bills lying around.  In fact if you are like most Americans all of your money is in a bank account.  Taking note of what happened elsewhere on the globe, you could lose your access to this account, legally, any time at the direction of the US government.  Forbes recently publish an article in which he states that the sobering truth is that there is no safe place for your money, silver & gold from the US government except to stuff it under your mattress.  Forbes also indicated that there has been rumbling from the revenue-hungry current administration about finding or creating legal ways to tap into individuals’ retirement accounts.

I am not a psychic and cannot tell you what the future holds, but I can give you some pointers on what experts are saying and what the wealthy are doing RIGHT now to protect themselves.  What more the actions these folks are taking also have some added benefits.  Should all the predictions of doom turn out to be wrong, anyone following these action will still sitting pretty good and likely have made a small extra sum of money to boot.

First – follow one of the sponsored links on this site and obtain a home safe.  While this site is about floor safes, you can easily follow the Amazon Link and purchase just about any version of safe available in the US should you feel a floor safe is not a good fit for you.  Having a home safe will pay off in many ways

Next – Purchase Precious Metals.  In particular, purchase silver in 1 ounce bullion if you can.  Avoid larger bullion and limit the amount of gold.  The reason is simple, should you need to use these assets to survive, I am sure that the gas station will gladly accept the 1 or 10 ounce gold bullion for a tank of gas, but is that what you really want to do?  Single ounces of silver will be the most cost effective for everyday trade should you need to do so.  Currently you do not need to report ownership or purchase of gold or silver to the government.  The contents of your home safe are your business and not subject to taxes or easily confiscated by the government.  Again, food for thought.  Below are some basic rules for Precious Metal purchases:

  1. First – never break the law.  It would be the fastest way to get everything you have confiscated!
  2. Always take delivery of your purchase!  Leaving the product in the hands of a third party affords you no more protection than your bank account does for your cash.
  3. Buy bullion for investments and business.  Coins are no safer then bullion and usually cost more per ounce!
  4. Buy in trade size quantities.  Change will likely be in short supply at first.  An ounce gold will likely get you a tank of gas, but so will Two ounces of silver.
  5. Know what you are buying – exotic coins or other rarities will be much more difficult to quantify a value.
  6. Know who you are buying from!
  7. Never swap bullion for coins.
  8. What governments (and others) can’t find, they can’t steal. – Floor safe anyone?

If you follow the lead of so many of the wealthy and purchase a floor safe then stuff it with Silver & Gold, then the economy does NOT crash, what have you lost?  The answer is nothing.  In fact you have probably made money!  Additionally if your assets are primarily silver, you likely did very well.  Get started to day.  You can follow the links on this page to purchase a safe and bullion.  I recommend that you purchase bullion on regularly, just like putting money into a savings account.


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