My research has shown me a number of rather exciting gun safes.  Manufactures have responded wonderfully to the market need that home & business owner’s a like need a hand gun readily available yet need to have that weapon secure against theft.  Here at Installing A Floor Safe, we are supporters of the US Constitution, its Amendments, and the rights these provided to Americans.

The fact is, American’s right to bear arms IS under attack and from where I sit, seems that at some point will be lost unless we take action now.  The course of action we are promoting is adopting an attitude similar to what is used in the US Military.  The US Military learned a long time ago that without strict control of weapons, eventually the enemy would obtain and use those same weapons against US Forces.  It is for this reason the US Forces implemented number of policies of weapons security, accountability, requirements to report loss or theft, and even under certain situations weapons destruction.   The situation on the American home front is similar; most illegal weapons were once legal weapons that somehow were lost into the hands of criminals.  Gun Control advocates state that by getting rid of ALL guns, NONE of them can fall into the hands of criminals.  This statement on the surface seems to make sense, however a closer look reveals the flaw in the logic.  Removing Guns from legal citizens to prevent criminals from getting them makes about as much sense as sending the Military to a foreign conflict without weapons to prevent the enemy from stealing them.

Here at Installing A Floor Safe we support of responsible gun ownership.  It is our position that gun owners here in America must adopt policies that like the military that both provide extra physical protection to weapons against theft, loss, or unauthorized use and positive active reporting of loss or stolen weapons.  Considering the potential harm that can be caused by a weapon in the hands of the wrong individual, gun owners not only need to protect their property against theft or loss, but to keep them out of the hands of criminals.  We call for a strong and very public campaign of education about weapons security and loss reporting.  These types of add campaigns have been effective at reducing the number of underage smokers and slashing the rate of new infections of HIV World Wide, so it should work equally as well here.  I also believe such a campaign will promote positive opinion toward the gun owning community by showing that as a community we can and do take responsibility for what happens with guns.

Below are the linked pages to a number of advanced gun safes that allow home and business owners quick access to their weapons, while protecting them from theft and unauthorized use.

1) Gunvault 1000 Series

2) Gunvault SV 500 Series

3) BARSKA Biometric Gun Safes

4) Sentry Safes