Operation Choke Point:

Ever hear of “Operation Choke Point”? If not it is time you do.  Every American needs to understand this new Presidential Initiative. 

On 26 Aug 2014, I was sitting in a waiting room just waiting for my name to be called when I noticed a newspaper sitting on the chair next to me.  The newspaper (Washington Times) was open to the Commentary Section.  The article displayed was titled the “Devious Design of Operation Choke Point”.  Curious, I picked it up and what I read nearly knocked my socks off. 

What was “Operation Choke Point”? It is a Presidential initiative, functioning WITHOUT the approval of Congress, operated by the Justice Department to close Entire Sectors of American businesses only because the President has declared these businesses as undesirable.  Let me say that again, the Presidential Program initiated by President Obama, being executed by the Justice Department WITHOUT the approval of Congress has the task of closing Entire Sectors of American Businesses.  These businesses are not being closed because they have broken any laws, but because the President has declared these lines of business to be undesirable. 

That statement alone should have made any American rise to their feet!  

Operation Chock Point – A real threat to the American way of life.

America is supposed to be the land of free enterprise, while the down side of this is businesses will popup that sell almost anything to someone who is willing to pay for it, the upside is that this is the land of opportunity where anyone with a creative idea can go forth in pursuit of fame and fortune.  Well it would seem that is not the case anymore.

Looking into the facts on “Operation Choke Point” I learned that the way the program works is even more frightening.  Basically the Justice Department uses Strong Armed tactics that resemble something more from Nazi Germany then the American legal system to intimidate banks to close the Bank Accounts, Lines of Credit, even the ability to process credit cards or checks, of any business that falls in one of the listed categories. Banks are threaten with everything from having to share in Legal Liabilities that these business may incur, to deep investigations into the banks operations just for doing business with any business that is on the list, regardless if that business has ever broken the law!

Deeper investigation uncovered the list of businesses that are being targeted.  One quick glance and it became perfectly clear who and what is the real target of “Operation Choke Point”.  Many of the businesses areas are packed full of shady operators that most Americans believe are scam artist, however three of the groups stand out as being VERY different than the others.  These are “Ammunition Sales, Fire Arms Sales, and Fireworks Sales.  When I read those on the list, that was when it became clear to me what the real intent of the operation is for, and that is to make Fire Arms unavailable to the American People.
When Americans would not give up their Right to Bare Arms no matter how much negative and in many cases completely inaccurate “Information” they were flooded with, President Obama decided it was time to switch tracks.  If they could not convince Americans to voluntarily give up their Right to Bare Arms, then the President plans to make the “Arms” unavailable to the American people.  Your rights may be intact, but without the Arms, it is a difference that makes no difference.

Now the truly scary aspect of this is notice that one of the targeted lines of business is Fireworks Sales.  I leave it to you to decide why Fireworks, something that could be made into Bombs must be removed from the hands of law abiding citizens… Do we need to be concerned about defending ourselves?

Part II

Even if you are on the side that believes people should be forced to give up their guns, you should still be outraged about “Operation Choke Point”.  Why? Because this program now opens the door for the President to target ANY business line they chose for removal.  View the complete list below and tell me what harm “Dating Services” are.  Also have you ever heard of AMWAY and Mary Kay?  They would fall under “Pyramid Type Sales”.

Operation Chock Point – A real threat to the American way of life.

Wikipedia defines Operation Choke Point at the following link:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Operation_Choke_Point

Operation Choke Point is an ongoing initiative of the United States Department of Justice that was announced in 2013 [1], which is investigating banks in the United States and the business they do with payment processors, payday lenders, and other companies believed to be at higher risk for fraud, money laundering, and terrorist financing. This operation was according to certain critics controversial for the allegedly potential threat to due process; they say the government is pressuring the financial industry to cut off the companies' access to banking services, without first having shown that the targeted companies are violating the law.

Operation Choke Point is no secret either.  Look at the links below.  The Washington Times has published several articles on this matter.



Below is the targeted Areas of Business for “Operation Choke Point”

• Ammunition Sales
• Cable Box De-scramblers
• Coin Dealers
• Credit Card Schemes
• Credit Repair Services
• Dating Services
• Debt Consolidation Scams
• Drug Paraphernalia
• Escort Services
• Firearms Sales
• Fireworks Sales
• Get Rich Products
• Government Grants
• Home-Based Charities
• Life-Time Guarantees
• Life-Time Memberships
• Lottery Sales
• Mailing Lists/Personal Info
• Money Transfer Networks
• On-line Gambling
• Payday Loans
• Pharmaceutical Sales
• Ponzi Schemes
• Pornography
• Pyramid-Type Sales
• Racist Materials
• Surveillance Equipment
• Telemarketing
• Tobacco Sales
• Travel Clubs

I never thought I would say this, but Americans, if you have ever thought of purchasing a Fire Arm, now is the time before they become unobtainable.  While you are at, since we can see the potential road we are on, take the time to get the Safes you need and do not forget to stock them full of Silver for trading.