Recently I stood with millions of other clear minded Americans against HR 1599, the Dark Act. What this Bill will enact is to make it illegal for food or food products that are or contain Genetically Modified Organisims (GMO) to be labeled as such within the borders of the United States Of America.  These are the same products that are banned in dozens of countries.

States will not have the right to supersede this law in any manner at the state level, and it will go into effect ahead of the Vermont’s GMO labeling law in July 2016.  The timing of HR 1599 was a reaction to not only the actions taken by Vermont, but the fact that two dozen additional states are considering such a law.

On October 29th 2015 I received a letter from Senator Tim Kaine’s office in response to my action of making it known to him that as my representative in Congress I expect him to vote with the interests of the people. As you will see in the attached letter, the Senator instead voted with the interests of corporations at the expense of the health of Americans.

That letter can be seen here:  Senator Kaine’s Letter on GMO

Before discussing what is fact and known about the dangers of GMOs, let us consider for the moment that the Senator voted against the American citizen’s right to know because it would be unfair to the GMO industry.  Think about that for a moment… Who does the Senator work for anyway?  Fair or unfair, the will of the people is supposed to come first in our republic, not the profits of corporations. Next, the justification given is that labeling GMO food and food products would give American’s the impression that there is something unhealthy about GMOs.  Once again, think about that for a moment… When something has say, Flour, listed as an ingredient, do we consider it dangerous?  No of course not, we have the very common sense Senator Kaine makes it clear that he feels Americans do not actually posses.  The problem for the GMO industry is that Americans are increasingly becoming aware of the dangers of GMOs.  The act of labeling of GMO foods and food products will likely have Americans making healthier choices for themselves and their families by leaving these products on the shelf.  Fair or unfair, that is what happens in a free market, the choice of the consumers is the driving factor.  For more information on GMOs, consider watching the movie GMOs OMG!

In the letter it is important to note that the Senator states that the American Medical Association (AMA) and World Health Organization (WHO) both claim that there are no dangers to the public from GMOs.  Curious…  Two facts I have mentioned before are very important to consider.  First is that GMOs are banned in dozens of countries, the next is that dozens of states right here in the US are also taking action to protect their citizens against these harmful food sources.  Would so many different political entities take these actions based on rumor or conjured up evidence?  This is an important question to consider when you read that the AMA and WHO would have you believe that no evidence exists indicating that GMOs are dangerous, yet many sources of independent research everywhere prove the opposite is true.

Is Senator Kaine really an ignorant and unaware individual or is he a corporation man? I ask you to decide.