Gardall Safes manufactures three in floor safes holding their commercial grade and two in floor safes holding their residential grade.  The commercial grade safes all have the same features and differ in price based upon size.  The commercial grade units have a burglary rating and a pyramid shaped body for solid anchoring in the floor.  The only one other manufacturer that I noted uses the shape of the safe to anchoring it into the floor.  Gardall offers Group II UL Listed dial and electronic locks.  Prices range from just north of $450.00 for the residential grade safes, to just a little bit more the $1200.00 for the largest commercial version as offered on the Gardall Website, however Amazon's pricing is much better .  All doors have a coil spring assist for easy opening and to prevent injury from accidental slamming of the safe door.  Independent re-locking device and hard plate enhance security against break in.

I wish to show case the Gardall G3600 In Floor Safe as my favorite choice.  It offers 3686 cubic inches of Storage Space and features:

Standard Features:

  • Group II U.L. listed combination or electronic push-button locks.
  • Hard plate between the lock and dial ring.
  • Full length locking bar hinge side of door.
  • Independent relocking device to deter forced entry.
  • Door frame is reinforced on bolt side.
  • Coil spring assist on all doors for ease of opening and closing.
  • Dust cover included.

Commercial Features:

  • “B” rate burglary construction.
  • 5 active ¾” bolts.
Outside Dimensions
  H        W        D
        Inside Dimensions
       H        W        D
Wt. (lbs.)
    Door Size
23½”   12½”  17¼”         22¾”  12”    13½”        3686       150           12”x12”x½”

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