Blue Dot Offers three “BFS” versions of floor safes both for residential use.  The BFDS-1700 features cash drop slot in the door can be used in a commercial setting.  Prices range between $275 and $500.00 for basic dial combo units, with a number of electronic options at an additional charge.  All the safes carry a burglary resistance rating and come standard with a ½” steel door.  These seem to be a good option for someone on a budget.  Options include a number of electronic locks, as well as prepaid warranties.  All three of these safes are designed to be installed into concrete below a slab.

The featured product from Blue Dots as far as In-Floor Safes is the BFS-4100.  It is the largest unit they offer with more than 4000 cubic inches of internal space. 

Product Features

• B-Rate Construction: w/1/2" Solid Steel Door
• Lock (s): Protected by Hardplate (s) & Relocker (s)
• BDS 24/7 Customer Service Label w/Serial Number
• Color: Powder Coat – Black


Outside Dimensions
    H           W        D
             Inside Dimensions
             H          W          D
   Wt. (lbs.)
23 1/2”   14 1/8”  18”         23 1/8”  13 3/4” 12 7/8”          4094            118.8